Simon Adriane Ellis is a queer and genderqueer Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner who is in clinical practice in Washington State.

Simon has a long history of social justice organizing around issues of racial and economic justice and LGBTQ rights, and brings these values to his work as a healthcare provider. His recent health advocacy efforts have included co-authoring an ACNM position statement describing the role of midwives in providing care for transgender and gender variant individuals, and conducting original research on the pregnancy and birth experiences of trans* and gender variant gestational patients. This research is currently pending publication and will hopefully be going to print before the end of 2014 (fingers crossed!).

Simon’s clinical practice is focused on providing empowering sexual and reproductive health services across the lifespan for people of all gender identities. Recently, he helped launched Cedar River Clinics’ new LBGTQ Wellness Services, expanding the clinic’s work to include management of gender affirming hormone therapy. Simon practices from an informed consent model in all aspects of his work, from abortion core to contraceptive planning to gender affirming hormone care.


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  1. Jen says:

    I wish I could “like” your about page! Since I can’t….YAY SIMON! I AM HONORED TO BE ON THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU!

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