tell me what you want what you really really want. or whatever.

finals are almost done! three more days to go.

and once i’m through with the quarter, i’m excited to spend the next month working on my research, trying to re-learn spanish, and – YAY! –  blogging.

on my current list of blog topics are:

safer sex while living with an STI
postnatal vaginas
gender-variant gyn care basics (geared toward providers)
stirrups be damned! tips for creating the best possible gyn experience

please feel free to post a comment letting me know what else ya’ll would like me to blog about. anything vagina-related, pregnancy or birth-related, or sexual health-related is totally on the table! it may take me awhile to get thru the list, but it’s a great learning opportunity for me as well as for readers (hopefully!), so i’m committed.

also, if you are a gender-variant/trans/genderqueer/etc. person and have specific DOs and DON’Ts you want me to include in my gyn care basics for providers, please email them to me at they will be blended anonymously into my blog post, as well as into discussions with my fellow student midwives, gyn preceptors, etc.

thanks for your feedback!

xo, simon


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